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Crossing Lines: Promotional Photoshoot and 3×01 Plot

YAY! They are releasing “Crossing Lines” promotional stuff! :)

Promotional Photoshoot

3×01 Plot

After Louis Daniel’s death, at the end of the second season, the team has been taken apart without Michel Dorn’s approval. The third season begins six months later when one of Dorn’s top prosecutors has been kidnapped because it has enough evidences to incriminate a cruel “lord of war”.

Dorn recreates the group with new faces in order to prove that the ICC is necessary to fight crime in Europe.

3x01 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos

So much love, so many FAKE ACCOUNTS

Hello Liz Lovelies,

it’s time to talk about an unpleasant thing that has been happening to us for about one year.
We know that in all the fandoms there are problems and conflicts, but till last year we’ve never got something like that.

Inside our fandom there’s someone who seems nice and lovely, but s/he’s not… that “gracious”.

We are not going to explain everything this someone did and still does, but after some advices and thoughts about it, we decided to start making it public.

For about one year we’ve been getting weird attentions in different ways by someone who is clearly not really happy with the existence of EMfc and keeps acting bizarre with us.

Giving attention or ignoring this person and the weird things s/he does, didn’t take us anywhere. Probably because s/he believes that acting anonymously does hide who s/he actually is and that we’re too stupid to know what is going on.

We are not stupid and we know. EVERYTHING.

We’re sorry that this person makes fun of/swindles other Liz lovelies to get attention in order to keep going with her/his purpose.


We also want to say that this kind of behaviour doesn’t represent our fandom, that Liz lovelies are true and kind and one person who acts differently won’t change that.

Love to all the Liz Lovelies,

Adry & Ste

Site Updates

Once Upon a Time Season 4 | Blu-ray Review

This is a lovely review about Liz’s performance on “Once Upon A Time”:

It’s not easy to invest a lot of emotion in the sisters’ plight, but thankfully we get Elizabeth Mitchell as the Snow Queen (more of a throwback to the Hans Christian Andersen original story as opposed to the Disney version). Mitchell is excellent as the crafty villain and her back-story, as seen in episodes like “The Snow Queen,” provides a season highlight.

NOTE: This photo is of the ABC “for your consideration” Emmy dvd box set with episodes of their shows. It’s great that they included 2 episodes of “OUAT” with a lot of Liz’s scenes (4×07 “The Snow Queen” and 4×10 “Shattered Sight”). 😉

Source: themortonreport

4x07 The Snow Queen - 4x10 Shattered Sight - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Photos - Projects - Snow Queen

New Cute Photo of Liz and Bob

UPDATE (August 29): Another sweet pic of Liz and Bob! <3 (Thanks Ada for the headup!)

1) Harvesting blackberries and pears for pie
2) From one of my favorite days in the last week and a half. Our West Coast journey was full up with so many of my favorite faces.

Source: Bob Merrick

Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos

Crossing Lines | More Premiere Dates

UPDATE (August 25): AXN Latinoamérica said that “Crossing Lines” season 3 will premiere in November in South America.


“Crossing Lines” season 3 premiere date in Romania is October 13 on AXN Romania.

For people in UK,  Alibi  hopes to air season 3. They’re currently airing the first two seasons (season 2 starts on September 5).

We found out that they haven’t aired Season 2 yet in some of the countries with AXN, so it might take a while for season 3. One last thing… we read in a Spanish article that in Sweden they will air Season 3 on SVT on September 27, but not sure if it’s reliable since we didn’t find any further info about it.

» Check  “Crossing Lines” Info page for more info about premiere dates in other countries

Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects

Once Upon A Time | Bluray/DVD Better Versions Extras

These are the better versions of the “Once Upon A Time” extras. Enjoy! :)

elizabeth mitchell Once Upon A Time Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time Elizabeth Mitchell elizabeth mitchell Once Upon A Time Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time Elizabeth Mitchell

1. Bloopers
2-5. Defrosting Frozen (Interview/Any Given Sundae tour)
6. Deleted Scene (Ingrid and Regina)

Amazon has a lower price now (34,99$) for the bluray box set, check it out!

Thank you so much UponASpoiler for this amazing gift and thanks Syd for being so sweet!!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Set - Snow Queen - Video