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Crossing Lines: Photos and Thoughts about 3×04

Have you guys watched episode 3×04 yet? It was really good and there were more scenes with Elizabeth than 3×03. The last scene with Donald was amazing! WOW! Poor Carine! The interaction with Sebastian is pretty cool. HAHA! I love that all the characters have scenes with everyone. It was fun to see all the locations we saw months ago in the set photos! Can’t wait for 3×05!

Oh I watched an interview with Frank Spotnitz yesterday (I’m going to post it asap) and he said there will be more about Carine’s personal life later in the season. 😀

These are 2 new stills from “Crossing Lines” 3×04 and 3×02. Well you can barely see Liz in the second pic but 😛 and she’s gorgeous in the one with Donald. :)

These are 2 new Carine’s promotional photos and a better version of the group’s photo:

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