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New Cute Photo of Liz and Bob

UPDATE (August 29): Another sweet pic of Liz and Bob! <3 (Thanks Ada for the headup!)

1) Harvesting blackberries and pears for pie
2) From one of my favorite days in the last week and a half. Our West Coast journey was full up with so many of my favorite faces.

Source: Bob Merrick

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Crossing Lines | More Premiere Dates

UPDATE (August 25): AXN Latinoamérica said that “Crossing Lines” season 3 will premiere in November in South America.


“Crossing Lines” season 3 premiere date in Romania is October 13 on AXN Romania.

For people in UK,  Alibi  hopes to air season 3. They’re currently airing the first two seasons (season 2 starts on September 5).

We found out that they haven’t aired Season 2 yet in some of the countries with AXN, so it might take a while for season 3. One last thing… we read in a Spanish article that in Sweden they will air Season 3 on SVT on September 27, but not sure if it’s reliable since we didn’t find any further info about it.

» Check  “Crossing Lines” Info page for more info about premiere dates in other countries

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Once Upon A Time | Bluray/DVD Better Versions Extras

These are the better versions of the “Once Upon A Time” extras. Enjoy! :)

elizabeth mitchell Once Upon A Time Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time Elizabeth Mitchell elizabeth mitchell Once Upon A Time Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time Elizabeth Mitchell

1. Bloopers
2-5. Defrosting Frozen (Interview/Any Given Sundae tour)
6. Deleted Scene (Ingrid and Regina)

Amazon has a lower price now (34,99$) for the bluray box set, check it out!

Thank you so much UponASpoiler for this amazing gift and thanks Syd for being so sweet!!

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Reboots and Revivals TV Lines Wish List: V

v_1x11_elizabeth_mitchell_28129.JPGThe TV industry seems to be all about remakes and revivals right now. So TVLine invited some of the small screen’s top producers and stars to share the shows they’d like to see get second chances at life.

Laura Vandervoort (Bitten): “It’d be nice if V came back to tie up all the loose ends from our show. We did one season and left it as a cliffhanger. We got cancelled before we got to really tie up everything.”

Having back “V” with the same cast and the same characters would be amazing. The ass-kicking Erica Evans on our screens again?! Oh yeah, please!!! Make it happen!

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