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Elizabeth in Providence [Photo]

A new pic of Liz is what we all need to start a happy day! 😀 This woman met Liz yesterday in a shop in Providence and posted this lovely photo and a very nice comment about her. :)

When your favorite actress from Lost comes in & you get to sell her all your favorite Lush goodies. Elizabeth Mitchell is the nicest lady & it was the biggest honor to get to shop with her. I’m just thinking back to all the hours spent binge watching her show on Netflix.

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Walker Stalker Con Orlando | More Photos & Nice Comment

UPDATE July 8: Jenna posted this lovely video of her meeting with Liz on youtube. :)

Elizabeth Mitchell Walker Stalker Con Orlando



I met Elizabeth Mitchell at Walker Stalker Con Orlando! She is so sweet and gives the best hugs! I have wanted to meet her for the longest time and finally did and it was awesome!!! If you ever get the opportunity to meet her take it because she is so kind and sweet!

Thanks so much Jenna for sending us this via facebook! <3


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Jack Bender about Elizabeth’s performance in The Incident

Jack Bender talked about Elizabeth’s performance in “The Incident” during a chat on a reddit:

Actors have a really hard job, which they make look easy, which is recreating life, and making you believe it’s real, and that’s not easy.

And we were doing the scene where Elizabeth Mitchell, her character, towards the end of the show, where Sawyer is holding onto her, and the tower collapsed. And she got sucked down into an underground kind of hatch, and died. It was the death of her character. And I had shot everything towards Elizabeth, and she was brilliant.

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