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Photo of Liz and Goran Visnjic on Crossing Lines set

The actor Bartek Kasprzykows posted this pic of Elizabeth and Goran on his IG. It’s from today.

This is the caption he wrote:

Wonderful work. Thank you both Elizabeth and Goran for your energy and words!

And this is a pic from May 29. Not sure if it’s Liz in the helicopter because the photo is too small, but it could be her.

Source: amymcphersonx

Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Set

Elizabeth and Goran Visnjic on Crossing Lines Set

We’ve just found these new photos of Liz and Goran filming Crossing Lines in Prague on May 16. The person who saw them wrote also a report. Enjoy! :)

We were just wandering around Prague when we saw film crews and then two people running down the street, right past us–maybe six feet away.  “That’s Elizabeth Mitchell!” I said. “No way!” But it was.  Her and Goran Visnjic.  Cool!  I felt a little silly being so excited, but as a big fan of Lost (at least the first few seasons), it was awesome to be so close to Juliet.

And the mechanics of it were fascinating–the big cameras, the chalking out marks on the cobblestones, the redoing of the same short scene, the guy whose job it was to feed the pigeons so that they could fly away when Elizabeth Mitchell and Goran Visnjic ran through.  Extras, make-up people, catering truck…all very interesting.

The show is Crossing Lines, and they’re filming the third season, where these two actors appear for the first time, I believe.  I hope I one day see this scene on screen.

Source: melindabrasher

Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Set

Happy LOST Anniversary!

Hi losties, it’s been 5 years from LOST finale.

This show was most of all a great adventure and always will be an undeniable part of our life.

We’re so grateful for the wonderful memories and all these extraordinary characters.

LOST gave us Juliet Burke, Elizabeth made her unforgettable, complicated, strong, intelligent and vulnerable. Thank you so much for that!

“We should get coffee sometimes!”

Happy LOST Anniversary!

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